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19 August 2022
Sleep and rest requirements are changing following the 2019 NQF Review. While Sudden Unexpected Deaths in
04 June 2019
What is a nominated supervisor?Nominated supervisors are responsible for the day-to-day management of the
24 April 2023
In 2022, education ministers agreed to changes to the National Quality Framework based on findings from...
23 December 2021
In light of the recent tragic event that occurred in Tasmania involving an inflatable bouncy castle, we ask
06 April 2021
Three new authorised officers have joined the Education Standards Board. They are Shannon Osborne, Sharon
06 May 2019
Well done to Jescott Montessori School in Magill South for receiving an Excellent rating for the second time
24 March 2023
Adequate supervision is a regulatory priority for South Australian services in 2023-24 and will be monitored
27 March 2023
We understand that incidents of a serious nature sometimes occur in early childhood education and care...