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Information for student exchange organisations

Student exchange programs provide the opportunity for Australian secondary school students to study overseas and students from other countries to study in Australia. Exchanges are for a minimum of three months or one school term of full-time study.

The program aims to provide students with:

  • educational enrichment through developing language skills and intercultural understanding
  • an experience of a different educational philosophy, environment and curriculum.

Student exchange programs are managed by student exchange organisations (SEOs).

The Education Standards Board (ESB) registers student exchange organisations in South Australia under the Education and Children's Services Act 2019 (SA), ss. 84–89.

We maintain a register of approved student exchange organisations.

Applying to register

Applicants must apply to register as a Student Exchange Organisation in South Australia using the Application for Student Exchange Organisation registration.

On receipt of an application for Student Exchange Organisation registration we will provide instructions on how to upload additional evidence. All applications will be assessed against the Standards for Student Exchange Organisations (refer to the National guidelines for the operation of international secondary student exchange programs in Australia.

Approved SEOs are registered for up to five years.

Application fee

All applications are subject to a $2,500 (GST free) application fee using a MasterCard or Visa credit card. Payment is required when submitting an application.  

A Fit and proper person declaration must be completed by each person listed in Section B, 5.6 of the application form.


Registration is open to:

  • schools registered by an Australian state or territory department of education or statutory authority
  • not-for-profit corporations, associations or other legal entities established or registered under Australian, state or territory law.

Student exchange programs do not include school group study tours, short-term private visits by students with visitor visas or overseas full-fee-paying programs under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Cwlth) (ESOS Act).

Notification of changes

Student exchange organisations must notify the Education Standards Board about changes, including:

  • student information
  • program dates
  • the school
  • the host family
  • transfer of a student to a new school and host family in another state or territory
  • changes to the governance and third-party arrangements

Use these forms to notify us of changes:

Request to update Student Exchange Organisation (SEO) details

Request to change student exchange program details

Application for student exchange transfer to interstate


Information about fees is available under 'Fees for student exchange organisations'.

Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student form (AASES).

The ESB issues a document known as the Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) form through the Student Exchange Organisation (SEO). This is used by the international student to:

  • Apply for a subclass 500 visa to enter Australia
  • Enrol in a South Australian school

Request for Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form.

SEOs must apply to us to issue an AASES form to a student. The Request for Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form is assessed to confirm that:


There are ongoing reporting requirements to ensure the quality of the program and safety of students. Details are provided in the National guidelines for the operation of international secondary student exchange programs in Australia.

Use this form to notify us of outbound student details before their departure from Australia:

Outbound Exchange Student Notification form

Additional forms for reporting requirements can be obtained from the Education Standards Board.

Student Exchange Organisation Register

The register allows you to view schools and organisations approved by the Education Standards Board to provide student exchange programs in South Australia.