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The National Quality Framework incorporates an assessment and rating process to promote continuous improvement by services.

Education and care services are assessed and rated by authorised officers from the Education Standards Board against seven quality areas in the National Quality Standard. Following assessment, a service is given a rating in line with the National Quality Standard. 

Assessment and ratings are an opportunity for your service to gain valuable feedback and ensure families have access to comparative information about their children’s education and care. 

The process of assessment and rating includes:

  1. an initial notification from us
  2. submission of your Quality Improvement Plan
  3. assessment and rating visit
  4. receipt of draft report
  5. opportunity for providing feedback
  6. final rating and report received.

More information about the ratings and the assessment and rating process can be found on the website of the independent national authority, ACECQA. 

Chapter 3 of ACECQA’s Guide to the National Quality Framework also has useful information.

For information about applying to have a service reassessed and re-rated, see ACECQA’s website.

Assessment and rating resources

ACECQA has developed a range of supporting materials to assist you in working through the assessment and rating process.

National Quality Standard assessment and rating instrument

National Quality Standard assessment and rating report template

NQA IT System Log In (where you can provide feedback about a draft assessment and rating report)

Educators' guide to the early years learning framework for Australia

There are also self-assessment tools for services that wish to conduct a voluntary assessment of their service against the National Law and Regulations.

Self-assessment tool for family day care

Self-assessment tool for centre-based care

Scheduling reassessments of services

As outlined in our Regulatory Priorities and Targets, the focus of reassessments is to increase the number of services rated against the current National Quality Standard and to reduce the number of services rated under the previous National Quality Standard. 

Approved providers may apply for a reassessment of their service's rating. Fees apply.