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This self-assessment tool is to be used by early childhood services to conduct an assessment of their service against the National Law and Regulations that align with the National Quality Standard (NQS).

Self-assessment tool for centre-based service

You are required to submit this form to the Education Standards Board when requested along with any supporting documentation evidence where indicated. If you indicate a no response for any of the listed Laws or Regulations, you are required to complete the rectifications section at the end of each page.

The National Law and Regulations apply to all education and care services. Services are defined as either centre-based care or family day care. Centre-based care includes long day care services, out of school hours care services, vacation care, independent and public preschools.

Note:  We encourage you to use the online form above. If you have any questions about using the form, please call 1800 882 413 or email educationstandardsboard [at] sa.gov.au for assistance. 

The pdf form below will be also available until late April 2023. If using the pdf below, you will need to print and complete the form, scan and upload to NQAITS, along with supporting documentation.