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07 September 2021
The move from a Working Towards NQS rating to a Meeting one can sometimes require improvement in just one area
01 March 2021
Children are naturally active. While they are still learning how to keep themselves safe when moving around
21 December 2022
A review of school registration must occur once every five years to ensure schools are compliant with the
26 June 2023
Annual service fees for early childhood education and care providers are now payable on or before 1 July...
07 November 2019
Out of school hours care services providing vacation care must comply with age-specific educator-to-child
22 December 2022
To set clear expectations for regulated parties (educators, services and providers) of early childhood
07 November 2019
Schools use a range of evidence to demonstrate the Standards for registration and review of registration of
13 December 2022
ACECQA has released its NQF Annual Performance Report 2022, with areas of focus including: Children’s health