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Access to high quality education and care services can contribute to better social, educational and employment outcomes across a child’s lifespan. 

The Board’s priority is to minimise any risks to the safety, health and wellbeing of children. We respond with regulatory action that is responsive and proportionate to the risks and harms being addressed.

Our activities are also designed to regulate education and early childhood services in a manner that maintains high standards of competence and conduct by providers to:

  • recognise that all children should have access to high quality education and early childhood services that address their developmental needs; support educational achievement; promote enthusiasm for learning; and ensure their health, safety and well-being
  • provide for a diverse range of services for parents to access
  • enhance public confidence in the operation of education and early childhood services.

Strategic focus

Our vision: Making a positive difference to the lives of South Australian children and young people by ensuring they have access to high-quality education and early childhood services. 

Our organisational goals are to:

  • regulate with a contemporary, risk-and-standards-based approach
  • improve education and care outcomes for children and young people through regulation
  • engage stakeholders effectively
  • support our people and improve our business.

Our values

Our values

What this means

Honesty & integrity

We are consistent and fair in our actions to encourage openness and transparency


We have a culture that strives for excellence and aims to improve productivity


We respond to change and proactively improve

Collaboration & engagement

We collaborate in our work practices


We make decisions that comply with legislation, are ethical and are consistent with approved policy and procedure

Strategic plan

The Board's strategic priorities for 2022-24 support the delivery of the statutory functions under s29 of the Education and Early Childhood Services (Registration and Standards) Act 2011. These include: 

1. Regulate schools, student exchange organisations and early childhood education and care services (services) with a risk-based approach

2. Positively engage with stakeholders

3. Support our people and improve our business. 

See the full strategic for 2022-24:  

Strategic Plan Education Standards Board 2022-24

Annual report

The Education Standards Board provides an annual report to the Minister for Education, Training and Skills each year under s279 of the Education and Early Childhood Services (Registration and Stanards) Act 2011. This report is tabled in the South Australian Parliament and made available to the public (s280 the Act). 

Education Standards Board 2021-22 Annual Report (pdf)

View 2021-22 Annual Report online

See past annual reports