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Information for schools

A school must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) before providing education to overseas students who have been issued a student visa in their own right.

The Education Standards Board (ESB) is a designated state authority for recommending school providers for the registration, renewal and ongoing monitoring of schools’ compliance under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Cwlth).

The ESB is responsible for:

  • assessing  applications  for endorsement on the CRICOS register
  • placing conditions on CRICOS registration, if necessary.

The Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment is responsible for registering an endorsed school on CRICOS.

The registration period is a maximum of seven years. 


CRICOS is the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students: a searchable database managed by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. The database provides details of educational institutions approved to recruit, enrol and deliver education and training services to overseas students and the courses they offer.

Applying for CRICOS registration

Registered schools seeking CRICOS endorsement and approval must demonstrate compliance with the:

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 (Cwlth)
Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2001 (Cwlth) 
National Code 2018.

Schools registered on CRICOS are required to use an online student management system called the Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS). Access to PRISMS is given by Department of Education, Skills and Employment once a provider is registered on CRICOS.

PRISMS is used to generate an electronic confirmation of enrolment for student visa purposes, and to provide reports to the Department of Home Affairs on students’ compliance with conditions of their visas.

Application form for registration on CRICOS

Schools seeking to apply or reapply for endorsement of registration can access the Application for endorsement of registration to enrol full-fee-paying overseas students.

Changes to CRICOS registration

CRICOS registered schools must apply to the Education Standards Board to:

  • add or remove courses from your registration
  • change the student capacity
  • change the principal executive officer
  • change ownership, organisation and/or trading name
  • update course costs (tuition and non-tuition fees).

Use the Application for change of registration to enrol full fee paying overseas students. We will update your PRISMS record on approval of changes.

Fees for CRICOS registration

There are fees for CRICOS registration.

Cancelling CRICOS registration

Schools seeking to cancel endorsement of registration can access the Notification of CRICOS cancellation. This form is to be used to notify the Education Standards Board of the intended cancellation of CRICOS registration.


The resources on this page are published to assist schools with understanding ESOS and CRICOS requirements. Links and documents will be added from time to time as necessary. CRICOS-registered schools in South Australia will be notified when there are changes or additions to this page.

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