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Applying for changes to school registration

Schools must use the Application for changes to registration of a school in South Australia to apply for these changes:  

  1. Change of school governance (governing or responsible authority)
  2. Change of school site (moving the school to a new location)
  3. Change of campus (the addition and/or change of campus location)
  4. Addition of year levels (at head campus or sub campus)
  5. Amalgamation (two or more schools becoming one school under one governing authority)
  6. Change of curriculum framework (eg. International Baccalaureate to Australian curriculum)

Where possible, please upload supporting evidence as requested in the form. After you have submitted your application, we will advice you by email if additional evidence is required. 

An online application fee of $300 is required at form submission. 

Follow the prompts to create an account so you can save the form and complete across more than one session if required. 

The Evidence guide to using the Standards for registration of new or changed schools provides guidance on the kind of evidence that may be used to demonstrate the criteria in the Standards for registration and review of registration of schools in South Australia (the Standards).

Updating school details

Use the Notification of change to school details form to notify us of the following changes:

  • Change of school or campus name
  • Governance changes (change to the name of governing authority, responsible authority or legal entity)
  • Change of address (change to street name or number)
  • Remove a campus from the schools register
  • Reduction of year levels provided
  • Change of principal

CRICOS-registered schools that appoint a new principal must submit an Update CRICOS registration details notification.

School closure

Use the Notification to remove a school from the South Australian Schools Register form for all intended school closures and subsequent removal from the schools register. Contact the office if you require assistance.