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Complaint about a service

Submit a complaint about an early childhood service (including centre-based care, family day care and out of school hours care services (OSHC)). 

Complaint about a school

Complaint about schools: in the first instance, complaints about schools are referred back to the school to be dealth with according to the procedures established by the school for handling complaints. (s30 Education and Early Childhood Services Act). 

Complaint or feedback about the Education Standards Board

Feedback and complaints about the Education Standards Board can be submitted via our Complaints and Feedback form

We welcome both positive and negative feedback about processes, communication, our service or actions of staff. 

You can learn more about how we manage complaints and feedback, including timeframes for a response, in our Complaints and feedback management policy.

Review of a decision

In South Australia, the Registrar is delegated by the Board to make regulatory decisions.

An internal review is conducted by people not involved in the original decision. This allows them to take a fresh look at the matter. They consider all the relevant facts, policies and legislation.

As delegated by the Board, our internal reviews are conducted by an Internal Review of Decisions Committee. This committee reviews decisions about the regulation of schools and early childhood services under the following sections of the Education and Early Childhood Services (Registration and Standards) Act 2011:

  • Part 9: Review and appeal, s. 71 (schools); and
  • Schedule 1, Part 8: Review, s. 190 (early childhood services).

The committee includes at least two Board members who have the relevant technical expertise (schools, early childhood services, legal).

For further information about what decisions can be reviewed relating to early childhood services, and the process for managing these requests, see the Guide to the National Quality Framework.

You may also be able to seek a judicial review of a decision under state or territory law. Review options vary, and some decisions cannot be reviewed.