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The Board

The Board is responsible to the Minister to ensure efficient and effective performance of its registration and regulatory responsibilities, compliance with its legislative objectives, sound management of the organisation, and attainment of performance objectives.

The functions of the Board under s29 of the Act are to:

  • regulate the provision of education services and early childhood services
  • approve the requirements for endorsement of registration
  • establish and maintain the registers contemplated by the Act
  • prepare or endorse codes of conduct for registered schools
  • provide advice to the Minister
  • carry out any other functions assigned to the Board by the Minister.

As the state regulatory authority, the Board has specific functions under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (Part 12, s260).

In accordance with section 32 of the Act, the Board delegates regulatory powers and functions, human resources management and financial management to the Registrar and Chief Executive. Some delegations are further delegated by the Board to managers and staff at various levels, in accordance with their responsibilities.

The Board has two standing committees. The Internal Review of Decisions Committee carries out internal review of decisions under the Act and the National Law. The Schools Disciplinary Committee conducts inquiries into complaints where there may be cause for disciplinary action regarding a school, under section 60 of the Act. Ad hoc committees may be formed to consider matters and advise the Board or Registrar or to carry out functions on behalf of the Board.

Board members

In accordance with Section 22 of the Act, the Board consists of 13 members appointed by the Governor in Executive Council on the nomination of the Minister for Education, Training and Skills. Of those members:

  • one (who will be the presiding member) must be a person who has, in the opinion of the Minister, extensive knowledge and expertise in the education and care of children; and
  • two must be from the Department for Education; and
  • two must be from the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA); and
  • two must be from the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools Incorporated (CESA); and
  • two must be from a prescribed childcare body; and
  • 1 must be a legal practitioner.

Expressions of interest are called for the remaining member positions.

Chief Executive and Registrar

Kerry Leaver is the Early Childhood Services Registrar, Government Schools Registrar, Non-Government Schools Registrar (Registrar) and Chief Executive (CE), responsible for carrying out the functions of the Registrar and the CE as determined by the Act.

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