Alana Girvin, Presiding Member


Master of Social Science, Bachelor of Education 'Staff and School Development', Diploma of Teaching

Alana has recently retired from the Education Department after a varied and enjoyable career of 39 years. Alana’s leadership roles and experience include  Principal of several schools, Assistant Regional Director Southern Adelaide, Regional Director Murray & Mallee and Director Incident Management.

Alana’s focus has always been quality teaching and learning, quality leadership, strategic planning and continuous improvement. 

As a Principal she led and/or was a member of various committees and working parties  including strategic planning, curriculum, finance, facilities, OSHC and Governing Council.

In her roles as Regional Director and Assistant Regional Director Alana was line manager of Preschool and School leaders as well as Regional Leadership Teams. She led and worked collaboratively with a variety of teams driving system improvement. Alana was convenor of the Early Years Portfolio and Early Years Reform Agenda, the Regional Literacy Improvement Priority, the Regional Office Leadership Team Planning Group.

Alana was responsible for establishing, developing and leading the Education Department’s Incident Management Directorate, the directorate responds to critical incidents, investigates employee misconduct and recommends subsequent disciplinary actions. The directorate was established in line with recommendations made by the Hon. Bruce Debelle as an outcome of the Royal Commission, Independent Education Inquiry Report.

As a corporate office leader Alana has been an active member and/or chair of working parties, committees and boards including the Critical Incident Coordination Committee, the Risk Assessment Disclosure Working Group, the Senior Executive Critical Incident Management Project Board and the Debelle Response Project Board.

In her leadership roles she has provided policy advice and information to a range of stakeholders including the Minister, Chief Executive, Senior Executive Leaders, Education Directors, School and Preschool Leaders, Principal and Preschool Associations, AEU, TRB.

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Alana Girvin Presiding Member