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What to include in a serious incident notification

30 June 2022

Serious incidents should be reported as soon as practical, and within 24 hours of the incident.

Notifications are made through the NQA IT system and must include sufficient and relevant information to ensure prompt processing.

The notification form captures detailed information about each child involved in an incident.

Required information for a serious incident notification

1. Child’s details

You must include the following information about the child involved:

  1. First and last name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Contact details for the child’s parent or guardian
  4. Type of injury.

2. Information about the incident

A notification must include details about the serious incident, including:

  1. How the incident occurred
  2. Where the incident occurred
  3. Who was involved – first and last names of other children or educators involved in the incident.

3. Notifying the parent or guardian

When a serious incident occurs, you are obligated under the National Law to notify the parent or guardian within 24 hours. 

The serious incident notification must include details of how the parent or guardian was notified of the incident.

4. Action to minimise future risk

A complete notification must contain the steps that were taken, or will be taken, to prevent or minimise a similar serious incident in the future.

Resources for services and providers

Notification types and timeframes

Reporting requirements about children

Incident, injury, trauma and illness record template –  an example of a template that can be used to document supporting evidence for a serious incident notification or other (non-serious) incidents.

Key changes to notifications and complaints – ACECQA 18 September 2017

Emergency management help guide – example 2 shows where to notify an incident via your NQA IT System.