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Sun safety reminder

4 February 2020

There’s still some summer left. So if your service hasn’t updated its sun safety policies and procedures and outdoor environment checklists recently, now is a good time.

The safety of the children remains paramount during hot weather.

The UV index can be high at this time, even on overcast days. This means children will still require sun protection.

Synthetic surfaces can be 30–40 °C hotter than surrounding temperatures on hot days and can pose a risk of children burning themselves. Soft fall and outdoor equipment can also become extremely hot in the warm weather and cause burns.

You can check the temperature of equipment or surfaces with a thermometer or your hand. If you can leave your hand comfortably on the surface for five seconds, the item should be safe.

Shade audits may need to be conducted to ensure children have adequate access to shaded areas. This applies particularly to play spaces that promote stationary play, such as a mud kitchen.

Sunscreen should be applied a minimum of 20 minutes before going outside.

Fresh drinking water should be available to children at all times.

What action should I take?

  • Ensure sun safety policies and procedures are up to date.
  • Check the temperature of synthetic surfaces, soft fall and outdoor equipment.
  • Check the UV rating before going outside.
  • Conduct annual shade audits.

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