Self review of school registration in 2023

School principal

Self review of school registration in 2023

21 December 2022

A review of school registration must occur once every five years to ensure schools are compliant with the Standards for Registration and Review of Registration (Standards) and to confirm that a school is operating within the legislative requirements.

The Education Standards Board conducts two types of review: validation reviews, which include a site inspection from school registration officers, and self-reviews, where the school principal takes responsibility for assessing the school against the Standards.

You can read more about the self-review process here.

All school principals should be familiar with the Standards. The three Standards include criteria which each school must meet, covering school governance, student learning and assessment and student health, safety and welfare.

Schools undertaking a self-review are required to evaluate each criterion, and make a judgement as to whether the criterion is met or not met. For any criterion no met, a plan and implementation of remedial action is required to address any non-compliance.

School principals are required to provide a summary of how the self-review was conducted and then verify that the information provided in the self-review form is true and correct, by 31 August 2023. All submissions are reviewed by a schools registration officer and schools will receive an outcome letter by email.