School success spotlight: Goolwa Secondary College

Goolwa Secondary College interior

School success spotlight: Goolwa Secondary College

16 October 2023

In the latest of our regular series on school services is the recently established Goolwa Secondary College.

In keeping with the Education Standards Board’s regulatory responsibilities, all schools must be reviewed within the first 18 months of operation and at least once every five years.

Goolwa Secondary College opened its doors in 2022 to Year 7 and 8 students on the site of the former Investigator College. The ESB’s Manager of Schools Registration Services, Noel Browne, conducted a review of registration and said refurbishing a former school site presents a different set of challenges to starting fresh, as was also the case for Aldinga Payinthi College, Riverbanks College and Whyalla Secondary College.

Students playing instruments at Goolwa Secondary College“The planning for this site strongly reflects consideration of the broad range of needs of the student cohort. While the building and refurbishment project is ongoing, buildings and grounds are well-maintained and resourcing enables teachers to deliver all areas of the curriculum,” Noel said.

Founding Principal, Bec Moore, said students and staff regularly forge connections with the local community including artists and craftspeople, the Children's Centre, aged care homes and community centres.

“Within these partnerships we develop dramatically different learning relationships that shift student voice, control and agency creating opportunities for authentic, deep learning,” Bec said.

“Students are immersed in virtual and augmented reality, as well as land care and sustainability practices. They also enjoy the local golf course, the gym, and pounding the local running and walking tracks.

“Through these experiences, students develop essential competencies including character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.”

It is Bec’s vision that graduates leave the College deeply connected and invested in their communities – socially, emotionally, and ethically.