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Safe use of bouncy castles during vacation care

23 December 2021

In light of the recent tragic event that occurred in Tasmania involving an inflatable bouncy castle, we ask all services to be vigilant with safety if you are intending to hire/use these devices during vacation care.

To ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children you are strongly encouraged to:

  • conduct a risk assessment prior to use
  • ensure adequate safety/supervision policies and procedures are in place
  • gain authorisation from the parent/guardian
  • actively supervise children at all times they are using the device
  • arrange for the hire company to install the device where possible
  • adhere to the company’s safety guidelines/instructions for safe use
  • use the device indoors, if used outdoors check the weather conditions before use
  • Install impact mats in areas where children could fall (entry/exit)
  • request to sight the company’s public liability insurance certificate, maintenance records and if applicable, risk assessments
  • follow Safework SA requirements if you have your own device

Please see the following resources for further information


Amusement Devices: Information sheet for inflatable devices (safeworkaustralia.gov.au)