Resources for continuous improvement

Authorised Officer with service provider

Resources for continuous improvement

23 August 2023

We have analysed our recent assessment and ratings and identified themes in the elements of the National Quality Standard that were most frequently rated as not met. This article summarises these themes to assist services in self-reviewing their practices against available resources to support voluntary compliance. 

2.1.2 - Health practices and procedures

To meet the requirements of 2.1.2, services must make sure that:

  • all medication and relevant prescribed documentation in relation to children’s medical management is current and regularly monitored.
  • children's medication is in date and relevant health care plans, communication plans and risk minimisation documents are current.
  • nominated supervisors and educators actively support children to learn hygiene practices including hand washing, coughing, dental hygiene and ear care.
  • children are consuming food and drinks in a hygienic manner.

The Guide to the National Quality Framework (NQF) has further information and resources on element 2.1.2 mainly:

  • what sections of the Law and Regulations underpin this element
  • information about what Authorised Officers will observe, sight and discuss during the assessment and rating visit.

2.2.1 - Supervision

Adequate supervision is an area of focus in our 2023-24 regulatory priorities. To meet the requirements of 2.2.1, services must ensure that:

  • educators are alert and aware of risks and hazards of potential accidents and injuries, not only in their immediate location but throughout the service.
  • rostering practices carefully consider the needs of the children and that educators are always available to respond to children.
  • behaviour guidance strategies are understood by educators and implemented effectively
  • educators are trained appropriately to support the children’s individual needs.
  • programs are designed to engage children in experiences based on their strengths and interests.

The Guide to the NQF has further information and resources on element 2.2.1 and the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has developed factsheets:

7.1.2 - Management systems

Services must ensure that there are adequate policies and procedures available and being followed by their staff.

We encourage services to work with their approved provider to ensure that, as per National Regulations 168 and 170, policies and procedures are available, and that service staff understand and follow them. This means providing an in-depth staff induction and ongoing support to ensure staff have up-to-date knowledge and skills.

The Guide to the NQF has further information and resources on element 7.1.2 including what policies and procedures should be available at the service.

We recommend that approved providers use the ACECQA policy and procedure guidelines. This outlines clear steps to ensure that there are established processes for creating, embedding, reviewing, and evaluating policies and procedures.

7.2.3 - Development of professionals

Individual staff performance plans are essential in supporting their learning and development. To meet the requirements of 7.2.3, services must complete and regularly evaluate educators, coordinators, and staff members’ individual performance plans.

The Guide to the NQF has further information and resources on element 7.2.3 and ACECQA has a relevant factsheet: