Preparing waiver applications


Preparing waiver applications

28 March 2024

Last month, we shared an article with the common issues that delay validation of a new service application. This month, we shift our focus to provide some tips on completing your waiver application.

In February, 90% of all waiver applications we received related to general educator qualifications and early childhood teacher requirements at centre based services, with many requiring additional information before they can be assessed.  

To ensure a prompt approval, be sure your waiver application includes all required details and supporting evidence as specified in the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011) (the Regulations).  

Regulation 45 provides the detail that a waiver application must include. The ESB is particularly focused on the measures being taken or to be taken to protect the wellbeing of children being educated and cared for by the education and care service while the temporary waiver is in force.

When providing information for your waiver application for general educator qualifications and early childhood teacher requirements at centre-based services, applicants must provide clear evidence of the steps they are taking to become compliant and how quality will be maintained during the time the waiver is active.

When risk factors are present, the ESB may request additional information from the applicant under Section 96 of the Education and Care Services National Law (South Australia) Act 2010. This could include information that demonstrates that appropriate support and leadership is provided to educators, that educational outcomes are able to continue being achieved and that programs continue to be assessed and reviewed in line with Quality Area 1 of the NQS.

A reminder that an assessment only begins once all the supporting evidence is validated and that services should complete a waiver application as soon as possible to ensure ongoing compliance. Once the application has been validated, we assess, like all applications, based on risk and the services individual context. If we have concerns we will seek further information and discuss these concerns with you prior to making a decision.

Please contact us for questions or concerns about your application.