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Powers of authorised officers explained

1 March 2021

Authorised officers of the Education Standards Board are empowered to carry out specific functions under the National Law and Regulations.

This includes assessing and rating, monitoring compliance and investigating early childhood services.

Authorised officers have powers that allow these actions:

  • entering the service premises at any reasonable time (with or without consent of the occupier)
  • inspecting the premises and equipment, etc.
  • photographing, filming or making audio recordings at the premises
  • inspecting and copying any documents
  • taking documents from the premises
  • asking a person at the premises to answer questions, provide information or produce documents
  • collecting contact details of parents of enrolled children.

An authorised officer must show their identity card before exercising a power of entry under the National Law.

It is an offence to hinder or obstruct an authorised officer when they are exercising their powers. This includes abusive, threatening or insulting language towards an authorised officer.

Approved providers, nominated supervisors and educators are responsible for meeting their obligations under the National Law and Regulations. This means ensuring children’s health, safety and wellbeing remains paramount.

Developing and maintaining positive partnerships and relationships with our stakeholders is a priority in achieving quality outcomes for children.