Education ministers approve updates to national approved learning frameworks

Approved Learning Frameworks Update

Education ministers approve updates to national approved learning frameworks

29 January 2023

Education Ministers have now approved updates to the two national approved learning frameworks:

The updated approved learning frameworks are a result of a robust process to assess options and provide recommendations for change. This included reviewing contemporary research, comprehensive stakeholder engagement nationally and piloting of the proposed changes across a range of education and care settings.

Version two of the national approved learning frameworks are now approved for use under the National Quality Framework (NQF). Below are links to resources created by ACECQA that detail the changes, answer frequently asked questions and provide more information to guide implementation of version two of the frameworks.

Services may choose to use version 2.0 of both frameworks from now onwards.

What has changed in the approved learning frameworks?

Version two of the approved learning frameworks clarify and explain principles, practices and learning outcomes. There are three new principles and updated practices across all relevant aspects, strengthening the connection with the National Quality Standard (NQS) in areas including transitions, sustainability, theoretical approaches, critical reflection and the importance of Aboriginal Islander ways of being, knowing and doing, and inclusion. The key updates below provide more detail.

What does this mean for services?

Services may use both versions of the approved learning frameworks throughout 2023. During this familiarisation period, approved providers and services are encouraged to transition to version two of the approved learning frameworks. Further guidance and advice to aid transition will be provided by ACECQA throughout the year.

From early 2024 all services must be using Version 2.0 of the Approved Learning Frameworks, and the original frameworks will no longer be recognised under National Law.