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Boarding is a non-tuition cost

4 February 2020

Boarding is considered a ‘non-tuition fee’.

If you offer boarding to overseas students, include this in the estimated total of non-tuition fees payable on the CRICOS register.

This requirement hasn’t changed from the previous Regulations. But the Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations have been amended.

They now include a definition for classes of tuition and non-tuition fees.  These expand on the definition under s. 7 of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Cwlth). This definition makes things clearer and helps you meet your ESOS obligations.

The ESOS Regulations 2019 overview and the ESOS Regulations 2019 Q&A  cover changes in the new Regulations. This includes information about tuition and non-tuition fees.