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The Approved Learning Frameworks Update pilot commencement

18 June 2022

Stage three of the 2021 ALFs Update project has commenced. This stage involves piloting potential areas for updating ALFs in 16 services across Australia, from January to March 2022. The pilot sites cover all service types and jurisdictions, and a diversity of locations, contexts, and service providers.

Throughout the pilot, participants will provide feedback on the suitability of the potential updates, and insights into implementation opportunities and challenges.

The Literature Review and Discussion Paper developed in Stage one and two and stakeholder feedback highlighted the strengths of the current ALFs and 20 potential areas for amendments to the ALFs, being piloted in Stage three.

The updates intend to strengthen the connection between the ALFs and National Quality Standard in areas such as transitions, sustainability, theoretical approaches, critical reflection, the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing and doing, and inclusion.

Opportunities identified through the project to improve the ALFs include: 

  • Strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives throughout the frameworks including the vision, principles, practices and outcomes
  • Strengthening the link between the vision and planning cycle
  • Strengthening the principle of ongoing learning and reflective practice
  • Introducing a new principle promoting collaborative leadership
  • Introducing a new sustainability principle
  • Strengthening the principle of high expectations and equity
  • Updating the principle of secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships to include relational pedagogy
  • Strengthening partnerships to include other professionals
  • Clarifying the meaning of holistic approaches
  • Strengthening the connection between play-based learning and intentionality 
  • Replacing cultural competence with cultural responsiveness 
  • Aligning assessment and evaluation for leaning development and wellbeing
  • Expanding and strengthening guidance around Learning Outcomes

The pilot findings will inform recommendations to Education Ministers in mid 2022. It is expected that any updates to the ALFs would be implemented during 2023.