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2022/23 Annual Fees For Approved Providers

31 May 2022

Annual service fees for providers are now payable on or before 1 July 2022. 

Invoices are issued electronically to the email listed for the provider in the National Quality Agenda IT System by 5 June. This fee applies to all approved services in South Australia.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations sets the fees for children’s education and care services under the National Quality Framework which are indexed annually. The annual service fee covers regulatory activity, including:

  • National quality assessment and rating process
  • Monitoring and compliance activities
  • Internal review of decisions
  • Other transactions, including to vary or amend service and provider approvals.

Please use the ACEQA portal to check and update the contact details recorded for your provider and to pay the annual service fee invoice.

Frequently asked questions about the Annual Service Fee

How to pay the invoice? 

The invoice should be paid using Visa or Mastercard through the National Quality Agenda IT System portal

When payment is made, the NQA ITS system automatically updates to reflect the payment received.

I don’t have access to the portal, who does?

The Approved Provider and the Person with Management or Control (PMC) has access to the portal.

Where can I find the invoice number?

The invoice number is found on the invoice emailed to the Approved Provider and the Person with Management Control (PMC). Look for a number with six digits, a hyphen followed by six characters. For example: 123456-A3A3A3.

What if I need further assistance?

Contact ACECQA for assistance accessing the invoice or processing the credit card payment.