Application: Provider approval for 'residual' services

Use the online form below to apply for provider approval to operate a residual service

Before you begin the residual services provider application

  • Declaration of fitness and propriety
    Before completing this form, all approved providers are required to complete a 'Declaration of Fitness and Propriety'. You will need to download and complete the declaration before beginning.
  • Applicant Declaration 
    You will also need to complete an Applicant Declaration, which you can download and complete in advance.  

    You may scan or photograph the completed forms to upload during the application. 

 Start application for provider approval

When submitting this form, refer to your legal requirements under the Education and Early Childhood Services (Regulation and Standards) Regulations 2011 (SA). Providing false or misleading information may attract a penalty.  

Application fee

All applications are subject to a $200 (GST free) application fee using a MasterCard or Visa credit card. Payment is required to submit the form.  

Note:  We encourage you to use the online form above. If you have any questions about using the form, please call 1800 882 413 or email educationstandardsboard [at] for assistance. 

The pdf version below will remain available until late April 2023. If using the pdf form, you will need to print, complete, scan and send via email to educationstandardsboard [at]