Sue Kennedy-Branford


Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and Master of Educational Leadership and Management.

Sue is Assistant Director: People, Leadership and Culture at Catholic Education SA (CESA) where she is responsible for human resource and workforce planning, leadership and workforce development and system safeguarding across 103 Catholic schools serving over 51,000 students and approximately 9,000 employees. She is committed to the development of capable school and system leaders to ensure a quality workforce and workplace culture deliver excellent learning outcomes for students in Catholic schools.

Sue began her teaching career in a Catholic school in 1985 and has undertaken a number of roles in CESA including classroom teaching, principalship, consultancy in behaviour education, coaching and mentoring school leaders, board chair, leading CESA’s Leadership and Workforce Development Team, overseeing CESA’s professional learning and development, and coordinating school leader appointments and appraisals. She has also been a Branch Executive member of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

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Sue Kennedy-Branford