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Tree safety warning

1 March 2021

South Australia has an abundance of flora that beautifies our environment and provides much-needed shade. However, among our diverse tree species are many that lose branches during weather extremes.

It is important that grounds maintenance includes the management of risks associated with large trees on school grounds and play spaces.

This may include plans for pruning, visual inspections and keeping a register of trees that need to be checked regularly.

Arborists may be able to provide specialised guidance on tree safety management.


Arborist audits are one of several ways a school can demonstrate they are meeting Standard 2.11. Refer to the Evidence guide for more examples of evidence to meet the Standards.

Early childhood services

Approved providers must ensure there is adequate shade at a service (r. 114 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011). However, they must also ensure they take every reasonable precaution to protect children from harm and hazard. This is covered in s. 167 of the Education and Care Services National Law (South Australia).