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Thanks for survey responses

4 May 2020

Ninety-two per cent of respondents say they get useful information from the Education Standards Board Bulletin, according to a survey the organisation ran in February.

The survey was sent to SA early childhood education services and schools in February, and we received 79 responses.

The results were generally very positive:

  • 92% said they get useful information.
  • 86% said the links to other websites are useful.
  • 82% said reading it helps them better understand legal obligations of their work.

A number of respondents provided topics for future articles and constructive ideas.

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to complete this survey! We plan to use this information to make our bulletin even better and more useful to you.

In your own words

We received a lot of really useful feedback. Here are a few of the comments.

“Thank you for this newsletter, we get so much information, but yours is great, succinct, and clear headings so I know whether to click for more on what is relevant to me or not. I have used these in staff meetings and they have helped me clarify my understanding of some areas. I love seeing what other services are doing too. Thank you!”

“Extremely helpful especially with regards to our obligations. Information about what others are doing in the sector is great. As it provides affirmation about your own practice or offers fresh ideas."

“I like the fact there are ‘headlines’ so you can quickly choose what is relevant to you and then expand it for more information.”