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Strengthening checks for new provider and service approval applications

15 March 2022

When new service providers seek an approval, or existing providers seek to expand, regulatory authorities play an important role in promoting NQF objectives by assessing their suitability.

The assessment includes requiring applicants to demonstrate the suitability, knowledge, and capability to comply with the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations. The purpose is to promote the safety, health and wellbeing of children, and improve children’s educational outcomes when they attend an education and care service.

The Education Standards Board will use a nationally consistent and rigorous way of requiring applicants to demonstrate their knowledge of the National Law and National Regulations and their understanding on their responsibilities by introducing an online assessment in some instances.   

The multiple-choice online assessment is another step by state and territory regulatory authorities and ACECQA to protect the interests of children and families, and help the sector maintain its reputation for providers who are committed to quality outcomes for children.

For more information about the assessment of applications, please refer to the ACECQA website.