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Safe transport during OSHC excursions

31 May 2021

With school holidays on the horizon, it’s timely to revisit safely transporting children and young people, especially during excursions.

Safety first: tips for a smooth ride

  • Familarise yourself with the excursion section of ACECQA’s Safe transportation of children information sheet.
  • Complete a risk assessment before the excursion. Ensure it includes all information about transporting children required by the National Law. Here is a risk-assessment template by ACECQA.
  • Ensure authorisations for excursions include all required information and are complete (‘Authorisation for excursions’, r. 102).
  • Make sure your policies and/or procedures are adequate and up to date.
  • Make sure all OSHC staff know the policies and procedures, especially excursion procedures for making sure all children are always supervised and are never left alone on any type of transport.

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