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SA services beat national average

4 February 2020

Education and care services in SA are doing well, according to data compiled and analysed by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

The data showed 84% of SA services were rated as either Meeting or Exceeding the National Quality Standard at 1 January. Nationally the figure was 80%. In SA this was 78% at the same time last year.

In addition, half (49%) of all services were rated as Exceeding or higher. This compares with 30% nationally.

The percentage of services rated as Working Towards has decreased to 16%. At the same time last year it was 22%. So this shows significant progress.

This data confirms that SA continues to have high-quality education and care services, allowing families to have access to the best education and care services for their children. 

Chris Chatburn, registrar of the Education Standards Board (ESB), commended services for their achievements.

“The commitment to continuous improvement, and improving education and care outcomes for children, is evident by these results.”

She said the ESB had particularly focused on supporting and reassessing services with a Working Towards rating in the past year.

“These results support our commitment to work collaboratively with the sector by supporting Working Towards services,” she said.

Another highlight of the report was almost all (98%) of preschools and kindergartens being rated as Meeting or above.

OSHC had a great result of 70%, along with long day care at 85%.

Ratings reminder

Services receive an overall rating from the Education Standards Board. This indicates how well they’re meeting the National Quality Standard. The ratings are:

  • Working Towards: The service provides a safe education and care program but there are one or more areas identified for improvement.
  • Meeting: The service provides quality education and care in all seven of the quality areas that comprise the NQS.
  • Exceeding: The service is deemed to go beyond the requirements in at least four of the seven quality areas that comprise the NQS.
  • Excellent: This is the highest rating, and one that services can apply for if they are rated as Exceeding NQS in all quality areas. There are nine services in SA with this rating.