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Reconciliation Education Activities Grant to apply for

3 August 2021

If your school or early childhood service has a project, activity or idea that extends your work in achieving reconciliation, you can apply for a one-off grant.

Reconciliation SA will provide grants from $500 to $2000 to South Australian schools and early childhood services.

The aim is to broaden and deepen engagement and participation in reconciliation activities and collaboration with First Nation peoples through student learning opportunities.

Applications can be submitted until November 2021, or until funds have been disbursed.

To be eligible, your site will need to have a Reconciliation Action Plan or be taking steps to implement a RAP.

Please contact Reconciliation SA before completing the form to check that funds are still available at the time of application.

To find out more information about Reconciliation Action Plans visit reconciliation.org.au/Narragunnawali or contact natalie [at] reconciliationsa.org.au.

For more information: