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Quality of SA services above national average

16 September 2020

South Australia is one of only three states in Australia with 85% or more of its education and care services rated as Meeting or Exceeding the National Quality Standard (NQS).

This result was detailed in the NQF snapshot, Q2 2020 by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) released in August.

The national average is 81%, and at the same time last year SA was on 81%.

The number of services who have a quality rating in SA is 95%. This was the same last year for SA and slightly above the national average of 93%. (The percentage of quality ratings is unlikely to reach 100% because new services are not rated until they have been operating for 12 months.)

SA has one of the lowest percentages of services with a Working Towards NQS rating: 15% compared to 19% nationally. This is an improvement on the same time last year when 18% of SA services had this rating.

Chris Chatburn, Chief Executive/Registrar of the Education Standards Board, said she was very pleased to see this improvement.

“Our focus has been continuing to support Working Towards services in their continuous improvement journey.

“It’s good for children, parents and services themselves for all services to be constantly working on improving the quality of their education and care.”

For more information, see the report on ACECQA’s website.