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‘No jab, no play’ rules tighten again

1 June 2020

From August, children who are not fully vaccinated cannot attend early childhood services in SA.

Approved providers will need to see and store records showing children are either ‘up to date’ or ‘not up to date’ and act accordingly. This includes all children up to the age of six.

“The lack of a vaccine to protect against a COVID-19 event has highlighted just how important it is to vaccinate against dangerous diseases we can prevent,” said Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“High levels of immunisation are one of the most effective means of protecting the health of young South Australians.

“When immunisation rates fall we run the very real possibility of a significant outbreak of deadly, preventable disease.”

This change follows earlier changes requiring parents to provide immunisation records to early childhood education and care services.

The State Government will run a communication campaign so parents are aware of the changes.

Medical exemptions can be granted.

For more information, see Early childhood services and immunisation requirements on the SA Health website.