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New children’s safety requirements during transport

21 October 2022

In 2023 services will be required to meet new obligations when transporting children.

There are three key changes to transport requirements in early 2023.

New children’s safety requirements for 2023

The Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) from the 2019 National Quality Framework (NQF) Review recommended three legislative changes which will be implemented in early 2023, subject to legislative process.

Providers and services should plan to update their policy, procedure and practice to ensure they are compliant when the new laws are implemented.

Children must be supervised when disembarking a vehicle

New law will require that a nominated supervisor or staff member other than the driver must account for children when they embark and disembark a vehicle at the service premises for regular transportation.

A check of the vehicle must be completed once all children have disembarked, to ensure there are no children left in the vehicle.

Keep records that confirm each child is accounted for

The approved provider and nominated supervisor must ensure that records are kept for regular transportation that confirm each child was accounted for when embarking and disembarking the vehicle at the service premises.

Records must show:

  1. each child was observed to embark and disembark the vehicle
  2. how children were accounted for at the service premises
  3. that the vehicle was checked once all children disembarked at the service premises.

Notify the regulatory authority of changes to transportation

The approved provider must notify the regulatory authority within seven days of any change to whether regular transportation is provided or arranged by the service.

To prepare for these upcoming changes, please check service details on NQAITS to ensure it accurately reflects transport provided at each service.


Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) 2019 NQF Review