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Information relating to Australian Government's Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package

7 April 2020

This information was provided to us by the Department for Education on 6 April 2020.

You have been sent this email because you are:

  • on behalf of a governing council or management committee, a site leader responsible for the operations of an Australian Government CCS funded Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) service on a government site (e.g. OSHC/vacation care, long day care or rural care) or
  • a third party provider of an Australian Government CCS funded ECEC service on a government school/preschool site.

The  Australian Government’s ECEC Relief Package, coming into effect today, represents a significant change for ECEC services such as OSHC/vacation care, long day care or rural care.

We understand your management group will need some time to work through the implications for your service.

To help you, please find attached a simple summary of the how the changes impact your service. 

The Australian Government has expressed its commitment to ensuring that families, especially emergency and essential workers, can work during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and that disadvantaged and vulnerable children are safe and receiving care.

The ECEC Relief Package includes provision for services to apply for additional funding to meet this commitment, if required.

In that context, we encourage you to continue providing care to all children seeking care at your service, while you work through the implications of the Australian Government funding package.

The Department is also developing some simple tools to help you and your governing council/management committee understand and manage the implications of the funding change. 

We will release these later this week, once the Job Keeper package passes the Australian Parliament, as this will finalise key parts of the process.