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How to be child friendly and child safe

1 October 2020

The Commissioner for Children and Young People SA has released a report called Trust is a must: What does it take to be child friendly and child safe?’

It examines findings from an online survey and conversations on what children and young people would put in place to make organisations more child friendly and child safe.

Key points about how to be child friendly and child safe are:

  • Listen to us with interest and an open mind.
  • Employ friendly staff who like us and are relatable and approachable.
  • Get to know us, understand our lives, and do the right thing by us.
  • Provide us with an environment that is comfortable, welcoming and well signed.
  • Let us know what to do and who to talk to if we feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
  • Admit your mistake if you do something wrong.
  • Find ways for us to be informed, involved and to have a say in what is happening.
  • Make it easy to for us to provide feedback or to make a complaint.
  • Show us respect by updating us on what is going on with our feedback.
  • Share with us how our feedback has been used to improve services.

For more information, see the Trust is a must report.