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Guidelines for safe sleeping

31 May 2021

Requests from parents to put their child to bed in a way that may not be safe can be hard to resist. But keeping children safe is the priority.

You must follow the Red Nose six safe sleep recommendations. Your service’s sleep policies and procedures must also reflect these.

Parents may ask you to add a comforter or toy, or use a swing crib, for their child. However, these are not in line with Red Nose safe sleeping recommendations for babies.

Deciding to allow a comforter just while a baby goes to sleep could still put them at risk. The comforter could end up covering the baby’s face and obstructing his/her breathing.

Educators are required by law to protect children from harm and hazard. This includes during sleep and rest.

Child safety is the priority. You may need to support families to understand what safe sleep practices are.

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