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Effective supervision helps keep children safe

29 September 2021

It is a serious incident when a child in an education and care service is missing, unaccounted for or has been mistakenly locked in or out.

The Board continues to see an increase in these notifications.

These incidents often occur at transition times – not only between indoor and outdoor spaces but from room to room. There has also been an increase in educators and parents entering and exiting children’s rooms and bathrooms and leaving doors open behind them.

Services have also made changes to arrival and departure procedures due to COVD-19 to maintain hygiene and social distancing requirements. Adequate and active supervision is essential in ensuring children do not become unaccounted for at these times.

Some of the locations in these serious incident notifications include:


  • children’s rooms
  • bathrooms
  • hallways
  • foyers


  • play equipment, including cubby houses
  • fences (children sometimes scale them and escape)
  • buses
  • school grounds.

The ACECQA website has a useful resource Active supervision: ensuring safety and promoting learning to support services in implementing effective practices.

Don’t miss an opportunity to check where all children are at all times. Adequate and active supervision is essential to keeping children safe.

Make sure there are clear policies, procedures and routines that are consistently followed and reviewed, particularly if the usual staff are not present or routines change. This is vital to avoiding the likelihood of serious incidents.