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COVID-19 update: school and preschool operations

3 August 2021

We received this information from the Department for Education yesterday afternoon.


Masks must continue to be worn as outlined on EDi.

From Thursday 5 August, the following activities can resume:

  • playgroups and Learning Together (parents should wear masks where possible)
  • whole school assemblies
  • choir and dance rehearsals within the school
  • all extracurricular activities within the school
  • incursions, excursions and intrastate camps. Please ask the venue for a copy of their COVID safe or COVID Management plan and ensure you can comply with it
  • events held at offsite venues with approved COVID safe or COVID Management plans
  • events held within school or preschool grounds (such as performances and concerts) providing:
    • density requirements and physical distancing requirements are met by all attending adults
    • masks are worn by adults and students in years 8 and above who are not performing
    • all attendees are encouraged to COVID SAfe check in.
  • school sports including interschool sport training, trials and competitions
  • water safety/swimming/aquatic lessons.

The following measures remain in place until further notice:

  • all interstate camps and travel must be postponed
  • staff and students in years 8 and above must continue to wear masks as outlined on EDi
  • please continue to limit the number of parents on site, and when on site they must wear a face mask and practice physical distancing
  • where possible, please hold parent teacher interviews online
  • all adults (including staff) must COVID-SAfe check in each time they enter the site.

Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, events, camps and excursions may be cancelled with minimal notice. Please continue to have contingency plans in place.