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COVID-19 update: Arrangements for Wednesday 28 July

26 July 2021

We received this information from the Department for Education on 26 July 2021.

Provided we don’t have any unlinked cases of COVID-19, we can expect to reopen public schools, preschools and children’s centres to all students from Wednesday 28 July, except for Gawler & District B-12 College.

Learning at home will only be required for students that are required to self-isolate as directed by SA Health.

Please ensure you follow the below restrictions for the next week or until otherwise advised.

OSHC, rural care and occasional care

OSHC, rural care and occasional care can resume providing care for all children in line with the below restrictions.

Access to school and preschool grounds

Please continue to minimise parents, volunteers, and non-urgent service providers entering the site. Any parent teacher meetings should be held online or by phone.

Placements and pre-service teaching visits can resume at the approval of the site leader.

TAFE and VET blocks for students can continue.

Facilities management, maintenance and construction can continue at all sites.

Assemblies and events

All whole school assemblies, performances or events should be cancelled or postponed.

Single year level assemblies can continue where required. 

Camps and excursions

All excursions and camps (intrastate and interstate) must be postponed or cancelled.

The only exception would be bush kindy or school visits to the local park/creek that is within walking distance.


Intraschool sports days can continue, providing attendance is limited to the student and staff body (ie no parents/carers to attend).

SAPSASA and interschool sporting events, carnivals and trials should be postponed.

Sport and physical education confined to the school’s own site can continue.


Swimming and aquatics lessons can only continue on school grounds (ie a school’s own pool).

All swimming and water safety lessons held at public pools should be postponed or cancelled.

Physical distancing

School, preschool and early childhood staff should continue to practice physical distancing from other adults at all times, including when in the staff room.

It’s recommended we hold staff meetings online.

Working arrangements: central staff

Central staff should continue their current working from home arrangements for the rest of this week. 


Playgroups, including Learning Together programs, should continue online offerings only.

Support Services

Student Support Services will continue to provide services to children's centres, preschools and schools.

Student support services staff will check in with each site prior to visiting. If you have any concerns with staff visits over the remainder of the term, please contact your local student support services team.

The social work duty line continues to be available to you to support any issues with attendance as well as general wellbeing concerns for children and students on 1300 620 673.