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Check registration certificates

1 August 2019

School registration certificates list the school’s governing and responsible authorities. It is a requirement of the Education and Early Childhood (Registration and Standards) Act 2011 (SA) that these details are correct on your registration certificate and the Schools Register is accurate.

Please check to ensure the details on your registration certificate are correct. If you have any concerns, contact esb.schools [at] sa.gov.au.

Government schools

The responsible authority and governing authority is the Chief Executive, Department for Education.

Non-government schools

The responsible and governing authorities are often the same entity. To check your responsible authority, find out which legal entity is approved to receive and administer Commonwealth and state funding. This is your responsible authority.

The Commonwealth refers to this entity as the approved authority.

To check your governing authority, refer to Standard 1.2 in the Standards for registration and review of registration of schools in South Australia. Check which legal entity is responsible for the requirements of Standard 1.2. This is your governing authority.