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Changes to National Regulations

25 May 2020

The Department for Education has provided this information about changes to the National Regulations:

Education Council has agreed to amendments to the Education and Care Services National Regulations that will bring greater national consistency to South Australia’s regulatory arrangements. These changes enable new educators without an approved qualification working at a centre-based service that educates and cares for children preschool age or under to be counted as a certificate III qualified educator for the purposes of educator-to-child ratios for a 3 month probationary period. 

The changes also allow a 1:11 educator to child ratio in all South Australian centre-based services for children over 36 months of up age, up to and including preschool age. There will be no change for South Australian government provided preschools. The 1:10 ratio for disadvantaged department preschools remains in place.

These South Australian-specific provisions commence on 1 September 2020.

Providers across the sector can maintain existing requirements through service policy and operational decisions. For further information please email: educationstandardsboard [at] sa.gov.au