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Census starts in May

6 April 2021

The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is the most comprehensive collection of its kind in the world. It helps shape the future and wellbeing of our children by providing evidence to support education, health and community policy and planning.

AEDC data provides vital information for schools, communities and government to pinpoint the services, resources and support needed to bring life-long benefits to our children and the whole community.

The next AEDC data collection will start in May 2021.

A new Australian Early Development Census online professional learning program is available. It is a great resource for all South Australian educators, teachers and education leaders, particularly in the early years and primary school.

The program will help participants better understand:

  • what the AEDC is and what it measures
  • how to access and use AEDC data effectively to support improved outcomes for children’s early development and learning
  • factors that contribute to children’s development
  • how to analyse and use the AEDC for effective partnerships, planning, programming, transitions and measure progress.

Participants can access the program through the South Australian Department for Education professional learning platform Plink.

For further information, please visit the South Australian AEDC webpage or contact the AEDC Team at education.aedcteam [at] sa.gov.au.