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Catastrophic fire danger and extreme weather coming

18 November 2019

With severe to catastrophic bushfire conditions, and extremely hot weather, forecast for all SA on Wednesday, we want to remind services and schools to help children and staff stay safe.

Providers of education and care services and schools need to know their extreme weather policy and bushfire plan and put them into action.

If your education and care service or school is located in a bushfire prone area, or is in or near bushland, there is a real risk of bushfire impacting children, staff, buildings and grounds.

If your service or school has not recently done so, we recommend reviewing and updating your bushfire-management policies and procedures.

Department for Education (DE) schools and preschools, and those services located on a DE site, must follow DE policies and procedures for bushfire management. Family day-care services sponsored by DE must develop their own bushfire action plan.

Here is the list of DE schools and preschools that will close on days forecast as catastrophic fire-danger days.

Non-government and other education and care services should check if their approved provider has a policy and follow it.

Let families know in advance if your service or school has special plans for extreme weather days.

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