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Are your service and provider details right?

3 August 2021

Have you checked recently that your service and provider details are correct on the ACECQA portal?

If we need to contact you urgently, you’ll want us to reach the right person. So it is important that this information is accurate. Also if invoices go to an old email address and can’t be paid on time, you may be charged a late fee.

You can update details via the ACECQA portal: ‘NQAIT System Log In’ (www.acecqa.gov.au).

How to change your contact details:

  • Go to the online portal on the ACECQA website: https://public.nqaits.acecqa.gov.au/Pages/Landing.aspx  and login. Your provider and service details will appear.
  • Click on your provider or service name. (It should be a link).
  • Under your provider/service section, click on ‘Name and contact details’ then click on the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Scroll down and make all the necessary changes, e.g. email address or contact person and click on ‘Proceed’.
  • Enter your details as the ‘Notifier details’ section and click ‘Submit’.

Repeat the process to update your remaining record (service or provider) details.