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Before operating an education and care service, a person must obtain provider approval.

Applying to become an approved provider

The independent national authority, ACEQCA, provides information about who can apply for provider approval and how to apply on their website. 

ACECQA information on opening a new service
ACECQA Guide to the NQF 

You need to pay a fee to apply to become an approved provider and to have a service approved to operate.

Information for approved providers

The ACECQA website provides information about who needs provider approval and how to apply for that approval. Once you are an approved provider, the ACECQA Guide to the NQF provides information for providers about their responsibilities.

For information about the Child Care Subsidy and providing child care, see the Department of Education, Skills and Employment's Child care provider handbook or the section of its website on 'Applying for Child Care Subsidy approval'.

Register of approved providers

Each state and territory regulatory authority (and the national authority, ACECQA) publishes registers of approved providers and services.

The registers include the following information:

  • names and contact details for approved providers and services
  • service hours of operation
  • any conditions on the service approval
  • number of children approved to use the service.

Service quality ratings are also published in the registers for all services that have been assessed and rated and received a final rating report. The South Australian register is available on the ACECQA website. If you would like a printed copy of the register, a fee applies.

Registers are also published here:

The Education Standards Board updates the SA register as required. If any information published about a provider or your service is incorrect, your approved provider’s primary contact person can inform us through NQA IT System.

For updates and data on the sector, please see the quarterly ACECQA NQF Snapshots.