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Our vision

Children and young people in South Australia have access to high-quality education, care and early childhood services.

Our purpose

To approve, register and regulate school education and early childhood services to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Our goals

  • Regulate using a contemporary approach.
  • Enhance our stakeholder engagement.
  • Build a high-performing organisation.

Who we are

The Education Standards Board is committed to a contemporary approach to regulating and quality assuring early childhood services and school education. This is to support the best interests of children and young people, their families and our other stakeholders.

We value our role in assisting all families to access high-quality education and early childhood services. This supports the commitment of the South Australian Government to strive for excellence in every child and young person’s care, learning and development

Strategic priorities

Pursue a contemporary risk- and standards-based approach to regulation by:

  • influencing legislation and policy for education and early childhood programs and services
  • encouraging continuous improvement of early childhood services through enhanced assessment and rating processes and reporting
  • strengthening schools’ understanding of the registration standards that support educational achievement and contribute to students’ health, safety and wellbeing
  • reducing regulatory burden by utilising tools and approaches proportionate to the risk.

Continue positive engagement with stakeholders and reflect on feedback by:

  • using our partnerships to inform our regulatory approach
  • keeping people informed and engaged through regular communications
  • levering technology and online platforms to better meet user needs
  • strengthening the sector’s understanding of compliance by promoting the National Quality Framework.

Support our people and improve our business by:

  • facilitating a flexible, mobile workforce through contemporary policies
  • building a culture that embodies our values, supports our people, enables their professional development and aims to constantly improve our business and practice
  • protecting the welfare, health and safety of our people
  • improving sustainability by developing our revenue streams and streamlining our processes.

Our values

The Education Standards Board will uphold public sector values through its decisions, actions and interactions. In addition, we are committed to our values:

  • Integrity: Acting consistently and fairly and encouraging openness and transparency
  • Professionalism: A culture that improves productivity and emphasises quality outcomes
  • Improvement: Embracing continuous improvement and being responsive to change
  • Consultation: Collaborative working practices
  • Accountability: Decision-making that complies with legislation, is ethical and consistent with approved policies and procedures
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