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Our senior management team is:

  • Kerry Leaver, Chief Executive/Registrar
  • Lynette Bellwood, Manager, Schools Registration Services
  • Gemma D'Angelo, Manager, Quality Assurance 
  • Amanda Nash, Manager, Compliance and Investigations
  • Christine Gallasch, Manager, Corporate Services.
Corporate Services

The Corporate Services team supports our staff and board members. This team is responsible for strategic and operational financial management, human resource management, payroll, procurement and contract management. It also provides work health and safety, information technology, communication services and records management services as well as other broader corporate services responsibilities.

Early Childhood Services

The Early Childhood Services team approves and monitors all education and care services in South Australia that are in the scope of the National Quality Framework. It also assesses and rates these services against the National Quality Standard. Services include kindergartens, long day-care, out-of-school-hours care and family day-care. The team also approves and monitors education and care services that are under state regulations, such as occasional-care services. 

Compliance and Investigations

The Compliance and Investigations team promotes compliance with the law and manages the non-compliance of education and care services. Compliance action is generally educative but may involve prohibition notices or cancellations of services and providers.

Schools Registration Services

The Schools Registration Services team registers and reviews all schools (government and non-government), and maintains the Schools Register. It also recommends schools for registration on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students), renews registration and monitors schools’ compliance under the federal Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000