Senior Management

Back (L-R): Lynette Bellwood, Anna Cheung, Steve Green and Mel Watson
Front (L-R): Chris Chatburn and Beverley-Anne Lawton 

Our senior management team is:

  • Chris Chatburn, Chief Executive/Registrar
  • Anna Cheung, Acting Senior Manager, Corporate Services and Governance
  • Mel Watson, Senior Manager, Early Childhood Regulatory Operations
  • Beverley-Anne Lawton, Senior Manager, Compliance and Investigations
  • Steve Green, Manager, Regulatory Policy and Strategy
  • Lynette Bellwood, Senior Advisor, Schools Regulation

The Corporate Services and Governance unit provides support to our Board, the Education Standards Board and its staff through efficiently running the corporate and governance aspects of the business, facilitating continuous improvement and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. This unit has responsibilities for the strategic and operational financial management, human resource management, payroll, procurement and contract management, workplace health safety, information technology and communication services, records management services, as well as the overall governance and other broader corporate services responsibilities.

The Early Childhood Services Regulatory Operations unit has responsibilities for the education, approval, monitoring and quality assessment and rating of all South Australian education, care and early childhood services—both regulated under the National Quality Framework (NQF) and those regulated under state-based legislation. This includes primary responsibility for the services in scope of the NQF, in accordance with the National Law and in relation to the National Quality Standard (NQS). The responsibilities for approval and monitoring also apply to those services identified in the Act as ‘residual’ early childhood services (in-home care, occasional care, rural and mobile care and some family day-care), although these services are not assessed and rated against the NQS. 

The Compliance and Investigations unit has responsibilities for the investigation of complaint and incident notifications as required under the National Law.  The unit manages the non-compliance of education and care services and, where necessary, takes compliance action, issues prohibition notices and applies sanctions, as required. This unit also manages the cancellations of services and providers and maintains the public register.

The Regulatory Policy and Strategy unit has responsibilities for developing operational policies on how Education Standards Board administers the National Law and state legislation. It also is responsible for the development and oversight of the regulatory action framework, risk identification and mitigation strategies.

The Schools Regulation unit has responsibilities for the registration and review of all schools (government and non-government), maintenance of the Schools Register, and is the Designated State Authority for recommending schools for registration on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students), renewal of registration and ongoing monitoring of schools’ compliance under the national Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000