Compliance Monitoring

The Board has a compliance monitoring function under the National Law and as a consequence, authorised officers regularly make unscheduled as well as scheduled visits to services.  Monitoring activities are part of a range of regulatory tools to ensure compliance and promote continuous improvement in education and care services.  Two thirds of the visits conducted by the Board are for monitoring of compliance. Other regulatory tools include the provision of information and guidance through the facilitation of training sessions and presentations as well as targeted campaigns that focus on specific issues of concern.  Like all regulatory activity, monitoring activities are conducted with a view to minimising regulatory burden and take into account the individual circumstances of each service. The Board uses a risk based approach to determining the frequency of visits and type of compliance monitoring visit that is conducted.

The range of monitoring visits conducted by the Board can relate to:

  • new service approvals
  • provision of education and information
  • follow up from an assessment and rating
  • monitoring improvement
  • addressing risk
  • investigations of complaints and incidents
  • follow up of compliance matters.

The Board has developed a compliance monitoring fact sheet that provides an overview of monitoring visits:

Compliance Monitoring Visits